A cash loan of USD 30,000 for a period of 36 months

By borrowing USD 30,000 at E-Money Bank for a period of three years, the bank will calculate us monthly installments of USD 1,107. The loan will cost us a total of USD 9,852, which gives us a total repayment of USD 39,852. The amount available under the loan at E-Money Bank is from USD 1,000 to USD 160,000.

The minimum loan period here is 6 months

The minimum loan period here is 6 months

While the maximum loan period is very long, because it is up to 120 months. The commitment can be spread thanks to the number of installments that will be the easiest for us to repay, you can do the entire simulation, you can also send a quick request.

The interest rate offered by the bank is unfortunately variable, which means that the monthly installments may change throughout the whole loan period. The interest rate here ranges from 6 to even 10% per annum. It would seem that at a high interest rate nothing will surprise us anymore, but let’s move on to the commission charged by the bank for granting the loan. Tas is just high.

The minimum is 10%, which is still fairly high, but the maximum commission amount of 30% is simply an inflection on the part of the bank. You also need to add a preparation commission. Ban may resign from it, but it may also amount to as much as 15% of the loan amount.

As you can see, after interest and commission, this loan can be really expensive. We have two things at E-Money Bank for free. It is a bill to repay the loan and no commission for its early repayment. Individually, the bank determines the costs associated with changing the repayment schedule and for extending the loan period. We will pay 20-25 zlotys for each prompt.

The loan is advertised as a loan for proof

The loan is advertised as a loan for proof

Which is not true, because in addition to it you must also provide a bank statement on earnings. And now the good news about the loan from E-Money Bank, the bank accepts many different sources of income.

We can work on a contract of employment, a contract of mandate, a contract of specific work, or an agency contract. We can receive income from pensions, pensions and pre-retirement allowances, as well as incomes received abroad, farm income as well as managerial and maritime contracts.

Typically, the bank does not require borrowers’ consent from their spouse


The advantage of loans at E-Money Bank is that the bank willingly gives them to people who apply for them. A person who is a banker or just knows about loans can get quite good credit conditions in the bank, but he must have a little idea about it. If we manage to get all the best commitment configurations, it may turn out that the E-Money Bank loan will be the best offer available on the market.

Without knowing anything about banking, we will repay a really expensive loan commitment. You should know something more about the maximum loan amount, which is supposed to be USD 200,000. In fact, the amount we receive is about USD 160,000. A commission and other fees are added to the maximum amount.

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